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swiped from a tight little blog. I note her blog's name also comes from a poem.

A nice point somebody else made, anyway

This is a great bit of connecting the dots. This is what America needs - Insourcing. Yes, I know that insourcing is used currently to describe the ballyhooed phenomenon of foreign companies employing Americans in America. Well, that's typically because the foreign company bought out the American's former U.S. employer. And it basically doesn't happen very much at all. No, insourcing should refer to bringing foreigners into America in order to do the sort of jobs here the rest of us don't want.

Which brings my mind to class war. Insourcing new labor for the class war... What is so interesting about America's class struggle is the lack of heirarchical structure. Most class systems use pecking order systems, wherein each member knows his place, and a member of level n + 2 can peck not just n + 1, but n and n - 1 and on down. What we've got going on here is a crazy mishmash. Nobody knows who in America is worse off - Hispanics or blacks - Hispanics have worse jobs, blacks fewer; blacks get the worst education, hispanics don't assimilate enough. Are Asians inferior to Whites? It must be troubling to republicans not to know the answer. But the root cause of these types of confusion is the new aspect of class war - it is no longer a "hot" war, it is a cold war, like the war between Russia and America or Coke and Pepsi.

The class war is cold because it is no longer carried out primarily by the man in the street or office, persecuting and discriminating. It is carried out through indirect means. It is carried out through tax codes and educational funding, through police department policy, so spectacularly in Hollywood debasement of the enemy, etc. It is a bureaucratic war, the same way all cold wars are. A war of rhetoric, i sinuous war of jockeying for position.


Politics is Over

Aren't you glad politics is all over? Nowadays it even seems longer than baseball.

What is politics, now, anyways? In Israel, people kill each other, and blow themselves up, and torture homeless people - why? - because there are two completely irreconcilable parties struggling for control of some territory. It kind of makes us in this country look like wimps, doesn't it? When the stakes are so much higher here, aren't they?

When liberals get uptight about the right wing using religious rhetoric and exploiting religious media channels and churches, the problem can be crystalized by that phrase, "completely irreconcilable". The nature of religious thought simply bypasses the time-honored process of consensus through discourse. As a liberal, I simply don't have any rational argument that can interface with "The Bible teaches us that..." gay marriage is bad; "The church believes that..." abortion is wrong; "It's obvious that..." Israel is our greatest friend in the Middle East. What can you do, but take up arms against those who have such concepts lodged in their brains?

Now, I am not advocating that they must be tortured, killed, or tricked into blowing themselves up. I simply think that we must live with them, but forget about using politics too. Politics is over. I think maybe mind control is a promising avenue of research here, and in the meantime blast rock music outside their churches where they are hiding, like we did with Noriega.

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